Q&A with Dr. Cynthia Cleveland (DNP 2010)

Birmingham VA Health Care System’s Associate Director for Patient/Nursing Services Cynthia Cleveland, DNP, RN, NE-BC, is a 2010 graduate of the UAB School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Pathway. She joined the Birmingham VA 25 years ago and was appointed as Associate Director for Patient Care/Nursing Services in June 2013. We recently sat down... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Dean Doreen C. Harper

UAB School of Nursing is celebrating its 70th anniversary along with the Year of the Nurse and Midwife in 2020. The School has a rich history of innovation in education, research and practice, going back 115 years to its early roots in the nursing diploma programs on campus at Hillman Hospital, Jefferson Hospital, Jefferson-Hillman Hospital... Continue Reading →

Nursing in Turbulent Times

By Ada Markaki World Health Day is a global health awareness day marked every year on April 7, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is acknowledged by governments and non-governmental organizations with interests in public health. With nurses and other health workers at the forefront of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) response, this year’s international observation and mobilization could... Continue Reading →

Diabetes Distress: Living with Diabetes, By Bela Patel

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Approximately 30.3 million people in the United States live with diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires patients to be rigorous in their self-management to achieve optimal health outcomes and prevent diabetes-related complications. While many have heard about diabetes, it is important to also discuss diabetes distress, which is... Continue Reading →

Addiction: What’s stress got to do with it? by Dr. Susanne Fogger

On the surface, stress, distress and addiction might not seem related, yet for some people, stress/distress/pain are the underlying motivation for substance use. It is important to identify and raise concern around certain stressors. Awareness and learning or practicing stress management skills can deter overuse/misuse of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and opioids. It’s... Continue Reading →

Suicide Awareness: Keeping hope alive   

Suicide Awareness Month takes place in September, but the topic of awareness is important to discussed year round. It’s important to keep in mind that suicide awareness must be more than “just call this 1-800 number if you are suicidal.” I believe suicide awareness requires one to consider the value and meaning of human life,... Continue Reading →

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