Q&A with Dr. Juanzetta Flowers (BSN 1966, MSN 1983, PhD 1985)

Three-time UAB School of Nursing graduate and pioneer for advanced practice nursing Dr. Juanzetta Flowers, PhD, RN, (BSN 1966, MSN 1983, Ph.D 1985) has spent her career advocating for nurses and nursing. Her connection to the UAB School of Nursing started before the School made its move to Birmingham. Dr. Flowers worked to establish the... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Dr. Gwendolyn Childs

Gwendolyn Childs, PhD, RN, FAAN Gwendolyn Childs, PhD, RN, FAAN, is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Prelicensure Education. Her research focuses on approaches for reducing the risks of sexually transmitted infections in adolescent African American girls with an emphasis on sexual decision-making and risk-taking among African American girls ages 12 to... Continue Reading →

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