Empowering others through “Lifesaver” training, by Dr. Summer Langston Powers and Dr. Nanci Claus

The UAB School of Nursing hosted a “Lifesaver” training course that included information on hands-only CPR, Stop the Bleed and emergency preparedness.

According to a study conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA) about workplace emergency preparedness:

  • 50% of the workforce is not prepared to respond to a workplace cardiac or first aid emergency
  • 51% of employees don’t know where their workplace AED is located
  • 65% of employees would view their employers more positively if they offered CPR training

With 10,000 cardiac arrests occurring annually in the workplace, it is evident that this training is a vital resource that can provide life-saving skills. This evidence, along with the move into our newly expanded and renovated building last summer, inspired our team to develop the “Lifesaver” training course at the School of Nursing (SON).

Lifesaver-Class027_webThe course was designed for all faculty and staff at the SON and included multiple components: “Stop the Bleed” training, Readiness and Building Safety, and Hands-only CPR and AED training. “Stop the Bleed” training was facilitated by Assistant Professor Dr. Allison Jones and incorporated guidelines from the American College of Surgeons. After an informative presentation, participants were able to practice pressure application, wound packing and tourniquet application on our newly purchased task trainers. Skill practice was facilitated by faculty and honors students who have received special training in “Stop the Bleed” education.

Readiness and Building Safety was delivered by Director of Facilities, Mr. John Markle and included information such as what to do in the event of an emergency, building evacuation plans for fire and severe weather, classroom and building panic buttons. This portion was followed by a building scavenger hunt, where participants raced around the SON and LRC to locate emergency equipment (4 AEDs with “Stop the Bleed”  kits), fire extinguishers and alarms, and exits. Participants received stamps or stickers on their Lifesaver BINGO cards, which were entered in drawings for prizes at the end of the course.

Hands-only CPR, AED and adult choking training was delivered by Instructor Dr. Nanci Claus and Assistant Professor Dr. Summer Powers in accordance with AHA guidelines. Participants were able to practice CPR to their favorite tunes with feedback mannequins. Several faculty, who are certified CPR instructors, were on site to assist with coaching. AED trainers were available for practice and each participant had the opportunity to learn how to use this life-saving equipment. This was followed by a brief demonstration on adult choking and rescue.

At the end of the educational training, participants were able to test their skills in a head to head competition. Awards were given to the top CPR providers and those able to apply tourniquets the quickest and most correct. One thing quickly became evident about the SON, we are VERY competitive!

Two sessions were held in order to accommodate all faculty and staff who wished to attend.  Participants who completed the course received “Stop the Bleed”  certificates as well as “Lifesaver” certificates of completion posted on their doors. The course was very well received and plans for future courses are in the works with the hopes that all faculty and staff become “Lifesavers.” After this initiative, it is our hope that the SON is ready to do its part in the mission of the AHA to save more lives in the workplace.

Assistant Professor Summer Langston, DNP, CRNP, ACNP-BC, AACC, has more than 11 years of experience in critical care and cardiovascular medicine. As an educator, she has received special training in simulation and has special interests in interprofessional education. Claus recently graduated from the UAB SON DNP Program and is an instructor in the undergraduate and RN Mobility programs. She has published several academic articles regarding simulation and its use in education.

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